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Microwave Thawing Machine

Microwave Thawing Machine


Industrial and Commercial Microwave, Tunnel and OvenConfiguration of Industrial Microwave Thawing Machine: · 1. Microwave Power: 25 Kw, 50 Kw, 75 Kw and 150 Kw · 2. Dimension: Customizable · 3. Working Find Exceptional microwave thawing machine at Amazing1248 products — Purchase noteworthy microwave thawing machine at Alibaba.com and witness unsurpassable discounts. Enjoy features that come with these 
Industrial Microwave Defrost and Thawing MachineIndustrial Microwave Thawing Machine defrost beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, pork, fish and all kinds of pet food meat and other productsIndustrial Defrosting Equipment ,High End,Defrost MeatCompared with the traditional natural defrost thawing, flooding or water thawing, microwave defrosting has the advantages of short time, uniform internal and Frozen Meat Microwave Thawing Machine - YouTubequick defrost machine is the effect of thawing by the vibration of polar molecules and the elastic collision with 

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